This blog is dead.

I kind of lost interest after it wasn’t gaining as many followers as my other blogs, people kept trying to turn the Doctors companions into ponies, aside from that it wasn’t getting that many asks I could use and I found more interesting projects to work with.

The Archive will remain for those who still want to read it. But the ask box is closed and I will not make any new updates.

If you want to follow my active pony blogs there is Ask Mister Clever and Timetraveller Dinky.


Okay, jumping on the bandwagon that’s existed since…yesterday.

I’ve wanted to make a 12. Doctor pony for a while now and always knew I wanted to make him a unicorn. Why? No real reason…except in my own designs for the Doctor-ponies I only made him a unicorn twice (as seen here)

So here’s Peter the Pony!….wait I guess that would also be the fifth pony-doc… Capaldi the pony. Yeah there we go.

As for whether or not this guy will appear in any of my blogs…. He’ll probably be in The Doctor and his Pony eventually, but this revelation will not affect Mister Clever at all… As previously mentioned in Ask Mister Clever: Regeneration would destroy his cyber-circuit, effectively ending the blog, and that would just be too easy am I right? :p

Shameless plug of…myself.

And yes we may end up seeing this guy in the blog eventually.

Opening for Commissions


Because hey why not.

Since I finally got my paypal account up and running I have decided to try opening for commissions.

My account is set to Euro, 1 Euro is a bout 1.33 USD.

To begin with I’ll be taking 5 Euro (or 6.63 USD) for a simple 600x600 digital image of a character.


No porn. Kissing and hugging is okay.

Send me an ask if you’re interested.

Temporary reblog.
Send all requests to the Mod Blog.

notanonmously asked:

doctor have u met ur 12 self yet oh and does matt rember me

Sorry for the text post but I’d just like to clear something up..I THINK I know what you’re talking about here but I’d like to clear up a couple of things:

- John Hurt is not the 12. Doctor. He was talked of in past tense which means he’s a precious incarnation who somehow lost the right to use the name “Doctor”. Meaning that Matt Smith is still the 11. Doctor, but he’s at his 12. incarnation.

- The Doctor and his Pony is not in continuation with Mister Clever in any way. Not the future, and not the past. It just so happens that Matt and Clever share the same backstory, because originally he was supposed to be the Doctor from Dinky the Time Traveller, but after Mister Clever was created I changed my mind about that but it had already been mentioned in Doctor and his Pony so… yeah. Its a bit confusing I know but just remember that this blog has no real connection to the other two, its mostly just a silly blog existing only because I thought it would be cute to put Derpy and the humanoid Doctor together.

So no. Matt the pony does not know who you are.

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